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    Full time employment and part time student. Follow my views and opinions on architecture and planning. Follow my progress through the final stages of my degree, including the highs and the lows, the dead ends and the designs.

Frame Work

FrameWork: Joe Mepplelink, Adam Janusz, Onesieme Mouton, Wyatt Frantom This was my favourite design that I found in The Home House Project book. It wasn’t because it was the best looking, but was because of the detailing and relevance it had to my own project. The first thing that attracted me to this project was … Continue reading

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ATDS17 – Degree Show

It’s nearly time for the degree show… 15weeks 4days Or 109 days to make it sound a little less scary.  It’s the 9th June 2017 to be precise. It will be the final stretch for 8 of us currently on the Architectural Technology course at UCLan.  We are currently thinking of ideas of how we … Continue reading

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Technical Review

Just completed my technical review… and whilst there is still progress to be made, I am beginning to understand how my building works, and is detailed.  The problems I have faced, are being slowly being solved and all in all my work is progressing. The next few weeks will see me focuses on; Environmental strategy … Continue reading

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Environmental strategys…

A environmental strategy should be something that is implemented at the first stage of a design. This allows the Client, Architect, Planners and Contractors all work together to create a effective and sustainable environmental strategy.  But I hold my hand up… the environmental strategy in my project seems to have become a ‘after thought’. I … Continue reading

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It’s all the detail

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on the detail within my project…. It’s taken me outside of my comfort zone,  and made me think outside of the box. Day in day out I build in traditional methods, brick, block, trusses… standard designs, methods and structures. But my idea is firstly prefabricated, and secondly … Continue reading

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Feedback and comfort zones…

Last Friday we had our Design and Development Review, and it is safe to say it was a tough week. I wasn’t feeling too optimistic with my review, as I felt I was missing critical parts of the design, and more so the sections. The main reason for this is because so far I have been comfortable … Continue reading

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Going back to the start…

The design process can sometimes be a mix of emotions. You start with a concept, this can be taken from a Clients brief or a idea. You then analyse the concept, start designing, sketching, get to a point where you think ‘I am getting somewhere here‘, and then realise you need to go back to the drawing … Continue reading

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Time management or managing time or no time?

Needless to say even the days of me attending nursery, I was always last. I would always take longer than I needed finding my coat, tying my shoe laces or walking to the car. One of my biggest issues in life is managing time, but is this me being poor at time management? or just … Continue reading

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Do I understand the scale? Can you swing a cat?

From a drawing on a piece of paper, to seeing a building constructed in reality, can sometimes be something hard to overlook. But why am I thinking about this? Well is 238.75m2 too big for a house? and does this push away from the affordable and adaptable approach I am trying to achieve? My answer to … Continue reading

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How much space do we need? And should Councils include a minimum spacial requirements in their policies?

I am currently thinking how much space do we all need in our home? Well I suppose this is all down to our lifestyle choices and family size, among many other factors. And it’s true us Northerners expect a lot more space for our money. But are we really getting this? Is there such thing … Continue reading

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