Frame Work

FrameWork: Joe Mepplelink, Adam Janusz, Onesieme Mouton, Wyatt Frantom

This was my favourite design that I found in The Home House Project book. It wasn’t because it was the best looking, but was because of the detailing and relevance it had to my own project.

The first thing that attracted me to this project was a image towards the front of the book. This image showed the development stages of the project from the pad stone foundation, steel framework, roof truses and finally the final design. It was nice to see how the building developed and found it very relevant to my practice work.

The other aspect of the project that appealed to me and my own project was the service ducts. These where developed within the ‘smart’ steel frame, all in individual sections with I thought was a clever, inspirational idea.

The foundations of the structure where like pad stone foundation, which Walter Segal had used for his design concept. But these foundations where pre-assembled ScrewJack systems which eliminated the nedd for costly engineered foundations. This also eliminated the need for level surveying prior to building the floor deck and also enables the foundations to be altered in the event of heave or settlement.

I overall found this design very interesting and I believe I could take aspects of this design and develop new concepts and ideas for my own practice 2 work.


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