Feedback and comfort zones…

Last Friday we had our Design and Development Review, and it is safe to say it was a tough week. I wasn’t feeling too optimistic with my review, as I felt I was missing critical parts of the design, and more so the sections.

The main reason for this is because so far I have been comfortable with the work I am producing. House plans, site analysis, elevations and planning documents and drawings are my comfort zone and part of my day to day process. The technical aspects of the building process, I am little less comfortable with. In my working environment I do complete sections, building regulation applications and technical drawings, but not for modular or prefabricated construction methods. Hence why I am starting to become a little apprehensive of the next few stages, but in turn this is the reason I am here.

The feedback I have received reflected this, my work represented a clear design with a professional standard. Although I do need to push the boundaries with my aspirations of the project, and remove myself from the comfort zone I seem to have been accustomed too.

Therefore the next few weeks I am going to try remove myself from this zone, start researching more and looking at the alternative construction methods. Completing more sketches and sections of my building, will allow me to focus on more technical aspects and highlight where I have opportunities to complete key details.


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