Production Information Review

Last Friday I completed my production Information Review, one of the final stages of my degree.

The review was very beneficial, as we was joined with John Williams (CIAT). It allowed us time to explain our project to someone who had no previous knowledge to what we was doing, and receive feedback on our design, presentation and overall standard of work.

I think personally I could have been more prepared for the review. With further sections, details and visuals of my project. However the feedback was relitively positive with only a few suggestions on areas to improve. 

  1. Thermal bridging around the steel frame
  2. Ventilation for my floor void
  3. Gas membrane and omitting the DPM
  4. Distance between the rear of the properties

All in all my concept works, and the steel frame element allows my building to function and adapt. 

Over the next few weeks, I am going to improve the standard of my work and detailing. Show more sections, visuals, details and look at how I can present my work for the degree show. I am also going to start modeling my project. 


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