It’s all the detail

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on the detail within my project….

It’s taken me outside of my comfort zone,  and made me think outside of the box. Day in day out I build in traditional methods, brick, block, trusses… standard designs, methods and structures.

But my idea is firstly prefabricated, and secondly a steel frame. Two areas of architecture which are my weakness. But I’m here to learn.

Firstly I tackled the steel frame, looking at how I can create something which can be adapted and easily constructed. I visited a steel company which gave me some hands on knowledge and experience, and also let me turn my idea and principals into reality.

Secondly I visited a prefabricated timber company, here I walked around the factory looking at the details of how these panels are constructed and fitted together on site to make a water tight structure.

Both of these experiences have been extremely valuable in helping me with the detail within my project. It has also taught me that people are there to help, if something isn’t your specialist subject, ask the questions, visit the people with the knowledge.

I will update you more in the next few weeks on these site visits. 


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