Environmental strategys…

A environmental strategy should be something that is implemented at the first stage of a design. This allows the Client, Architect, Planners and Contractors all work together to create a effective and sustainable environmental strategy. 

But I hold my hand up… the environmental strategy in my project seems to have become a ‘after thought’. I really need to focus on this in the next few weeks and look at how my design can be innovative and adopt strategys within this field. 

The importance of a environmental strategy allows us to;

  • Think of how the building will be used by the end user
  • How comfortable the building will be for the end user
  • The effects on the environment throughout the life span of the building 
  • The cost / running cost of the building throughout its life span
  • Health advantages for the end user

Things to consider:

  • Effects on the building throughout summer/winter & day/night
  • Day light penetration
  • Ventilation
  • Heating / cooling 
  • Solar gain
  • Raindrops and surface water
  • Window sizes / positions
  • Orientation of the building
  • Construction phases
  • Building materials
  • Think of the building form, footprint and layout.


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