MA Interior Design: Lecture Series Review

In the second semester I attend a series of lecture by designers from different design disciplines. This allowed me to gain a wider perspective of the design disciplines and compare them.

We then had ot write a review on each of the lectures that we attend focusing on the the lecture presentation format, their background (education/training0, demands of subject discipline, desing processes, methods of research, inspirations, influences, personal design philosphies and personality.

The designers that I covered within my review where:

  • Claire Norcross: Lighting Designer
  • Tim Searle: Animator
  • Amos Marchant: Industiral Designer
  • Carolyn Corben: Fashion Designer / Director
  • Ken Eastman: Cermarics
  • Janice Tchalenko: Cermarics
  • James Corazzo: Graphic Designer
  • Michael Marriott: Product Designer

Please click on the link to read my review Lecture Series Essay


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