MA Interior Design

Prior to becoming a Architectural Technologist I had studied a BA (Hons) and Masters Degree at the University of Central Lancashire.

I started my Masters degree with no clear understanding of what I wanted to achieve or what path I wanted my career to take. I had a few objectives, one being increasing my knowledge within the residential sector, and how this is changing and affecting the way in which design in the current and future economic climates. Another being increasing my knowledge through a more architectural approach.

I enjoyed my 3 years studying the BA where I was challenged to complete many different projects from kiosk design, furniture design, exhibition design and space design. Throughout the years I also gained skills and experience with computer software to help me create technical drawings and 3d visuals. I do however feel that the course was very blasé about the detailing and realistic aspects of projects. Not until the final year was you challenged about the detailing and materially of your designs.

Architecture was something I had being very interested in since high school, and truth be told this should have the degree I had chosen to study. I had considered throughout my Interior Design course joining the Architecture course, but decided to implement architectural aspects and thinking with my Masters instead.

Once finished at University, I landed a role as a Architectural Technologist at a small firm, based in Preston, Lancashire. Following this I returned to University to complete a degree in Architectural Technology. I believe it is good and a advantage to have the range of skill sets, that I have acquired, as I do feel that sometimes architects never consider the interior space they are designing.


MA Reflective Diary


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