Time management or managing time or no time?

Needless to say even the days of me attending nursery, I was always last. I would always take longer than I needed finding my coat, tying my shoe laces or walking to the car.

One of my biggest issues in life is managing time, but is this me being poor at time management? or just having no time?

I would honestly say this is both. I will get distracted on social media, reading the latest blog post, news article or Facebook post and not realise what time is it, or that I should have set off 10 minutes ago. I will also have that extra five minutes in bed, on a cold winters morning.

But time management sometimes is not feasible or is extremely hard to achieve when you have so much to do. Managing a full time job as a Architectural Technologist, part time final year studying and day to day life is hard, but nobody send it was easy.

You have the responsibility of Clients, ensuring their planning / building regulation application is submitted on time, completed and of courses passes first time round. Endless phone calls, meetings, emails, amendments and the list goes on. But this is why I am studying to learn how to do these things, but University is also teaching me how to deal with my personal downfall of time.

Especially now in the final year, you feel you have a deadline every week. Leaving university on a Friday, blinking and it being Friday again and you realise that design development you was going to complete is still sitting on the to do pile.

The thing with me, is that once I sit down and set my mind to a task I find I can manage my time more effectively. This is a lot easier in the workplace, as you know the dedicated hours (09.00 – 17.30) which you have in which to manage time. At home this is a lot harder, you have day to day life coming into the mix. With living activities such as cooking, cleaning, socialising all adding extra factors. Not to mention unexpected things or appointments which are out of your control.

The problem that I am faced with and that is going to be one of the biggest challenges of the final year, is managing my time and making sure that the time I have is enough to complete day-today life and the tasks I need to achieve.

So this is how I am going to try and approach this;

  • Writing to do lists of things I need to do, putting these in a priority order and giving myself personal deadlines.
  • Clearly set myself goals, with rewards of course.
  • Setting myself a few hours per week at least to dedicate myself to the tasks.
  • Breaking my tasks down into bite size chunks, even if this is just 5 – 10 minutes to read a article on my lunch break.
  • Creating a routine with my life outside of work and university. Even if this just for a few evenings a week.
  • Asking for help. Certain aspects of life you can not control, especially on your own.
  • Making sure I am prepared to complete the tasks, not sleep deprived.

Hopefully my time management is going to get better over the next few months, but we do not know what is wrong the corner.

Talking about getting distracted and not managing time, writing this blog post has meant that I have now burnt my tea!!



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