Do I understand the scale? Can you swing a cat?

From a drawing on a piece of paper, to seeing a building constructed in reality, can sometimes be something hard to overlook.

But why am I thinking about this?

Well is 238.75m2 too big for a house? and does this push away from the affordable and adaptable approach I am trying to achieve?

My answer to this is initially no, if I am designing something which can be adapted over time to meet someones needs, who I am to say that this is too big, surely allowing a development of this size will allow the building to function to whatever requirement they need now or in the future.

But reflecting on this maybe I am over egging the pudding as you would say, maybe if I reduce this to 175.0m2 it may be a more reasonable target. Yes, granted this is still a huge development on the whole, but again who I am to say that it is. Yes, this is above National Space Standards but are these not a minimum requirement, and surely people would prefer bedrooms with enough room to swing a cat?

This week I am going to evaluate my sense of scale, maybe the use of modelling will help either physically or using sketch up. Or maybe I could stand in rooms of different scales and try and swinging a cat?

Well whatever the outcome I hope that by this time next week, I can sit here with a devised scale we can all agree on.


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