MA A2 Exhibtion: Take 2

I have recently blogged about how I have finished my MA interior design course and how I exhibited my work at the end of the course. But here is a little bit more information about my exhibition design and the project as a whole.

My project was titled A2 as it was a design for ‘Affordable, Adaptable Properties.’ Within this I developed a modular system where you could develop a series of different homes ranging from starter homes to family homes and studios. The design allows you to add and remove modules at your leisure to increase/decrease the size of your property and therefore creating a home for life.

I wanted my exhibition to me bold and to be a reflection of the design itself and therefore created this linear design which inspiration was taken from an estate agents window display. I created a lazor cut my logo from painted MDF and also created my introduction board from painted MDF and lazor cut my introduction text into the board.

From this I developed a basic model which showed an example site layout and how a site is developed into a grid system which identifies each properties plot and boundaries. Within these plots I used styrofoam to represent modules making up a series of different properties and showed how these can be further developed into larger homes and how this would look from a street perspective.

I also created a hinged board system which showed information from a variety of properties. On the front side of the board there was an external visual of the property and inside there was property information, floor plans and an interior visual.  Using the hinged sections allowed me to feed more information into a designated space and made the design simple and bold. I also feel this allowed me to get people to interact with my exhibition as they would open the hinged boards to see what information was hidden behind.  

I also placed a floating shelf at the bottom of the exhibition where I placed a brochure about the properties. This gave the viewer all the information they needed about the design and each of the properties I had designed. I created the brochure from a buyer’s perspective as I thought this would give my exhibition a more realistic feel and allow me to explain the project in a step by step process.

Here are some images from my exhibition, I am sorry about the quality of the images due to a mishap with my camera I have had to use my Iphone to take the pictures.

Please watch this space for more information about my project.











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