The Infinite Loop for Ipad and Iphone

Just a quick blog post about this Iphone and Ipad accessory I recently saw. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing this infinitive loop will hold your Iphone or Ipad into place for you. Maybe your reading a book in bed, doing a presentation to a board room or even letting your kids watch a film on the long drive down the M6 motorway, this will do the job. This loop is adjustable so it will be able to come in handy for years to come on any model, so even if you have the Iphone 9 many years down the line you will still be able to use this accessory.

The loop is made from co folded metal and plastic and comes in strip format, which your able to bend and twist to wrap around or make shape you need. It comes in 2 different sizes a 2ft and a 4ft, with the shorter version being more suited to the Iphone than the Ipad. It’s a very simple design and when not in use you can ravel it back up and slip it back into your back. 


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