A few more interesting designs…

Here are a few more interesting quirky designs that made me smile, laugh and that I thoroughly found interesting.

An interesting toilet roll dispenser, from save the trees. 270,000 trees are flushed down the toilet or end up as garbage every day around the world so this will remind you where are tissue paper comes from and to use tissues sparingly.

Can’t get enough of your Iphone, well why not buy the coaster set to spruce up your interior.

Or even the Iphone cupcakes to celebrate an occasion.

Key Chairs: Maybe these would suit the office interior.

Fancy making your own unique light, well this peel of light by Sehwan allows you to do so. Your able to peel off sections of the light to reflect your design style or to emphasise how much light you want.

Just a little advert that made me chuckle.

Some subtle advertising from kit kat here.

Milk Carton: A clever product design.

Don’t think I would fancy these grassy flip flops on my feet.


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