The Adaptable Kitchen: Marcello Zuffo

This is just a quick adaptable kitchen post. This kitchen was designed by Marcello Zuffo, a senior designer for Motorola’s Consumer Experience Design Group, for the 2008 Electrolux / Interior Design magazine competition.

This is a very simple design, structured around a central pivot column which allows the movable components to be moved and adapted. This overall allows the design to be changed and adapted to whatever task is required of the space.

This to me shows that can remove negative space, by simply adapting the space to your needs, and your also able to change the design very easily to create a new look any time you feel like it. I personally feel it would be quite hard to remove negative space within a kitchen, as when you cook a meal you would need so many different areas (sink, oven, hob, work surface, fridge). But the concept does work and I do feel if this was placed in a small London flat, the idea and the concept would work very well.

But what about if you took this concept and applied to it a whole house?


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