A few quick interesting designs…

Interesting Cigarette Packet Design

We all know that smoking damages out health and reduces our life span, but look at the history of cigarette packaging. Hisotry shows that cigarette packets used to be quite graphical and they also included collectable cigarette cards which promoted smoking. But after medical research found the smoking damaged peoples health they decided to start putting written warnings on packaging to warn people what they where doing to their health. But another attempt made in 2008 then saw medical images being printed onto cigarette packets to visually show people how they where affecting their health. Now there are currently discussions to make the packaging plain white to prevent the temptations of smoking and to also remove all cigarettes displays in shops.
But this is a design is from a design company in Ukraine and the packaging is moulded into the shape of a coffin and is plain white. But would this work to stop people smoking? I personally feel it looks quite cool and appealing rather than shocking.


Designing with stone:

These are a few examples of everyday gadgets can be designed using stone.

Here’s a computer mouse, may be a quite heavy material but this didn’t stop designer Neko cutting, polishing and gluing pieces of stone together to create this unusual design.


But also a multi socket USB port for your computer has also been designed from stone. The first impression I got off this image, is that it does rather look like a brain but this designed uses a stone in a very natural form.


Or even speakers can designed using stone, like this pink outdoor speaker for a 5* hotel. These speakers are available in granite, sandstone or red rock finish.

This design for laptop table is a very simple design created from a slab of granite, but does create a unique product.

Then take the iPod which is a gadget you would find in many households. But what about this stone ipod docking station, I think this is rather cool and when not in use would make a unique ornament.


 Not the nicest design..

 This isn’t the nicest design, but still it’s quite unusual and creative is the road kill carpet / rug.


Or even Fire Extinguishers with an artistic flair..

Take a simple red product, which are relevantly cheap but very common and send them to a French design studio and look what you would get, a unique fire extinguisher design. This would brighten up the corridors, offices well in general the workplace and would mean the red object sat in the corner of the room would now have a new in keeping look, although it may cause confusion in an actual fire.

 Guitar world…

Well the first thing that caught my eye was the guitar that was entirely made from Lego bricks. But there is also the guitar boat, which I believe to be equally odd but this was used in Josh Pikes music video ‘Make me happy.’


Art is sometimes a funny, weird world but I think this was a very good idea created from a Hartford Art school graduate. The graduate took general household appliances, stripped them down to show every part and then used the different pieces to create art forms. Not only do I think it’s a very unusual, creative idea I also found it very nice to look at the parts and pieces around a simple object.



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