As part of the semester 2, practice module within the MA we were asked to do an essence project. The aim of this project was to make us look at the narrative (essence) of our project and was just our personal opinion.

So what’s my essence?

I started the MA knowing what I wanted to do, but not knowing how I was going to do it. So to start my essence project I wrote down all the words I started the MA with, these being what I wanted to do. These words all had a relationship to me as a designer and therefore became the drive of my projects.


ARCHITECTURE – I have always had a passion for architecture and started the MA knowing I wanted to get a feel for the subject and incorporate this within my MA work.

AFFORDABLE – I believe affordable housing is an issue within the UK, so this is one of the issues I wanted to tackle within my project.

ADAPTABLE – I have a theory about how things can change to meet people’s needs. This therefore got me thinking about a how one house could adapt to accompany a family’s lifestyle.

RESIDENTIAL – I started the MA knowing that I wanted to do a residential project; this has always been my ‘key’ subject area and my main influence in design, although I have done very few residential projects.

MODULAR – I have always had a linear mind, but even with this mind set I didn’t start the project aiming at a modular style. But after doing my research and initial ideas I found modular design was the best design style to use for the problems I was trying to resolve.


INTERIOR – Well interior design is what I am here to study.

    DESIGN – Well it’s all about the design, so that really is a ‘key’ word.

MASTERS – I have just thrown that one in there.

But at the start of my MA these words where a bit of a jumble and I didn’t really know how I could develop these words into a project.

I started this quick project by writing down all the words and then sat there thinking how I was going to form my essence project. I then decided to make lots of cubes with a different letter on each face. But hidden inside this series of cubes are my first initial words which could be spelt out my rearranging the cubes. I felt this reflected well my initial jumbled thoughts of what I was going to do.

But another factor of my essence model is the other connection to my practice 2 work. This is because my practice 2 work is a design for affordable, adaptable houses in a modular cubed style. The house starts off with one initial cube, which then can be added to using other cubes, allowing you to adapt the house through time. This allows the home to grow and change with the family, but then you can also decrease the home when needed. This theory of my design is showed in my essence model as you can create sets of cubes and play around with the cubes to create different shapes, a lot like how my practice 2 initial ideas started.


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