My Blog Journey

This semester I decided to complete my reflective diary through WordPress. This has enabled me to publish blog posts on my influences, inspirations, progress through the MA and my thoughts and feelings. This blog post outlines the reasons why I decided to start doing a WordPress blog and my blogging journey.

So why did I first decide to set up a blog?                 

On our 1st day back at University after the Christmas break, my tutor spoke to us about something he had heard on the news of his way to work about CV’s being dead. This interested me so I started doing some research of my own to find out why CV’s are ‘supposedly’ dead.

Within this research I found a news article which explained that with the increasing number of un-employed in UK, due to the current economic climate, more and more people are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. Some people are uploading video cv’s of themselves to websites such as YouTube in the hope of getting noticed by employers.

I sat there and thought about this, is this actually a good idea? But I actually do believe this is a good method within some job disciplines as it allows creative and performance disciplines express their talent and skills, rather than just writing on a piece of paper. But I do also think at the present time when these styles of applications are relatively new and unusual it’s a great way of standing out from the other applicants and being noticed. But I do fear that soon this new creative style will become the norm and it will therefore loose its unique appeal.

The start of WordPress:

So after thinking about different ways of giving my CV a new edge and after having a group discussion at university, I have set up a blog. I thought this would be a good idea as it would allow me to publish images of my work, my ideas, my thoughts and my progress through my MA which then could be followed by many employers. I also thought that this could replace my usual curriculum vitae and give it a new style edge where employers could visually see my work and ways of thinking.

But after a discussion with my tutor, I also decided to use the blog as my reflective diary for semester 2. Here I would blog the progress through my MA, my work and my influences which is a completely different style than last year.

 Setting up the blog:

 The blog was quite easy to set up, I am quite computer literate so this may have helped the situation.  Once I had decided on my log in name and ticked a few boxes, the next stage was to pick a theme. This was probably the trickiest part as there was quite a few to choose from and I wanted one that reflected my design style and that also allowed people to navigate around the blog easily. But I think that was the hardest part and to this day I haven’t yet changed my theme as I quite like some of the features I have on there, as it is quite visual so allows people to get a scene of my design style. I do think you can actually make your own theme, which I may start to tackle over the summer break, I need something to do with my time.

But after these few simple steps by blog was complete to some extent and I found it just as simple to publish blog post with images, videos and links. I was quite impressed on how simple it was to learn the basics enabling you to start the blog, I did honestly think it would be alot harder.  I do however feel I may need to explore WordPress abit more to learn some of the more ‘complicated’ aspects of blogging.

 Social Networking:

So with the world turning to technology and with me wanting to get more profile for my blog, I turned to twitter. Even though I am frequent user of Facebook I have never really had any interaction or interest in Twitter. But you always hear on the Tv and see in the newspaper that a celebrity said this and tweeted that. So sat on my Iphone I downloaded the Twitter app from the app store and opened up an account. Being a Twitter virgin it took me awhile to get into the swing of things, but then very soon I became addicted to searching for a wide range of designer profiles and celebrity idols.

Some of the people I did find to follow so far include Grand Designs magazine, Kevin McCloud, George Clarke, Icon magazine and 4 homes. But I couldn’t join Twitter and not have a look at some of my favourite celebrity’s so along come Cheryl Cold, Amanda Holden, Fern Cotton and Holly Willoughby.

Now I have 35 followers including Frame publishers, Urban Splash and Habitat. I am following 103 people many from the design world and in total so far I have done 42 tweets linking my blog to my Twitter account.

But other than reading the latest gossip I also linked my blog with my Twitter account. I feel doing this will generate more people viewing the blog, will give it more profile and also get me noticed as a designer.

My Blog Posts:

So what have I posted on my blog? Well I have a series of different things ranging from random posts which are nothing to do with my current work or MA, but they just stood out to me. I also have images of my previous BA work, my current MA work, extracts from my previous reflective diary, inspiring architecture and interiors, analysis of the lecture presentations from semester 2 and things that I have seen in the news.

One of the reasons I really like this theme is because of the headings at the top of the blog. These have enabled me to add a section devoted to my MA and also another section devoted to my Cv. These are at the top of the blog, so enable people to easily navigate to these two key pages. One thing I also wanted from my blog, that I believe I have achieved, was to make it not a very lengthy document, where you have to keep scrolling down and down. This was achieved my categorising the posts and displaying the categories down the right side of the block so their easy accessible.

I have really enjoyed doing my blog and I hope to continue doing it. I think it was very simple to set up and would recommend doing a blog to anyone.  I hope to keep updating the blog over the summer and to keep doing it through semester 3, I also hope that I can design a theme to suit my own personal design style.

If you do have any comments or suggestions about my blog, please don’t hesitate to comment, Thanks.



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