Interior Block Colour

                                                  I have recently seen this house which has been designed by Claudia Falcinelli, which is now her home. The building used to be a printing shop, but after Claudia saw the for sale sign and viewed the property she had to put in a offer.

The reasons why I was attracted to this design is because of the use of block colour. At the time Claudia bought the property she also purchased the apartment block to the front ofthe poropery, with the plan she would renovate and rent the flats out. Soon after completing the renovations Claudia sold 2 of the flats and the only evidence that she once own the flats are the bright lime green letter boxes.

Within everyroom of the house there is a splash / block of colour. For instance the open plan living and dining areas have been left white and colourful paintings add the colour to the room. The kitchen is made from black MDF and has a contrasting lime-green splash back and the utility room also follows the same theme. The two areas also match the black and lime-green which is also used at the entrance to the property, which defines all the functional spaces to the rest of the space.

Black and lime-green also define the sleeping spaces, the master bedroom has a black wall to the head of the bed with a lime-green strip of translucent glass above the bed. The built in nooks for books are also lined with lime-green in complete contrast to the crisp white ensuite bathroom.

The children’s bedrooms are also defined by colour, but they take more of a range of colours. Sections of the walls near the children’s rooms are made from blue, orange and green glass panels. There are also strips of lighting along the floor, which you can alter the colour by choosing one of the 200 shades, which allows you to create any mood you like.

Claudia got her inspiration for her colourful home from Mexico, as this is a country which uses alot of primary colours within their buildings.

I do really like this house and the design that Claudia has created. I do think colour accents do create a difference in the room and I think this is very apparent within Claudias design. I also like how she has defined the functional spaces using black and feature colours whilst in total contrast has left other areas as crisp white. When I saw this design it did really stand out to me and I think the colour was the key to this. I do believe within a space you can have too much colour and on the other hand sometimes not enough colour, this is why I have always been a big fan of feature colour. I also think glass is a brilliant material to work with as can be used to create affects, increase light into a room whilst also adding in feature colour.

*I think another reason why I am so in love with this design is my current obsession with the colour lime-green


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