What can you not do with a Smart Phone?

I can admit I have an Iphone and I have had this for the last 2 years and can honestly say I couldn’t live without it. I use my Iphone on a daily basis to check my emails, social network, communicate with my friends, check the weather and to even play games.

But alongside the Iphone you also have a number of other smart phones the Blackberry and HCG to name a few. But alongside this you also now have the Ipad 1 and now 2. So with apple looking at launching the Iphone 5 this year, what is the world coming to?

Well I know this is something I don’t usually blog about but after flicking though a magazine the the other day and seeing that now you can even run your bath using an Apple app. This app allows you to fill the bath, before you even step in the front door. It also controls water temperature without wasting water, adds four fragrances and bubbles to the bath and also controls the capacity of water for the bath. But this doesn’t come cheap, so would you pay £6,000 to just turn on your bath?

But not only this you can turn over the Tv with your Iphone, probably when your partner is watching the football the app would come in handy. Or have you ever drove down the drive and realised you have left the light out, well you could turn it off through your phone. So I asked Google, who has the answer to everything, can I use my Iphone to cook my tea… well there was no real answers, so I would say no, not yet but it won’t be too long until you can.

You can even use your iphone as a mouse for the computer or use your Iphone’s 3g or internet connection to connect your laptop or pc to the internet.

I do feel as an interior designer I will be soon in the future designing homes with technology controlled by the Iphone.

So if you have an Iphone here are a few design and architecture apps you may find usefull:

  • ColorSnap: This allows you take a photo on your iphone of a photograph, a wall or something you have seen and then the Iphone will show you the nearest paint colour.
  • Sketchbook Mobile App: A master tool for drawing and design. This is a highly creative tool that allows you to draw even digital sketches on a napkin. It has the renowned SketchbookPro Software paint engine embedded, so you can achieve very high quality brush or fluid paintings.
  • CAD touchR2: This app is great for all architects as it allows you draw with great precision floor plans, calculate areas/parameters and build complicated diagrams on your Iphone.
  • Architect Envi Deluxe:This app shows you work and information about different famous architects. Great if you’re looking for inspiration, influences or just have a great passion for architecture.
  • Buildings App: Visiting a new city, or just wondering what’s around you this app acts just like a map. But
    instead of showing you the nearest M6 motorway you can see images and information about buildings
    around you or from around the world.
  • Architecture: Just looking for inspiration or want to look at some interesting architecture, this app shows you a series of images of architectural shapes from around the world.
  • Drawvis: This app allows architects to view their technical AutoCAD dxf files on your Iphone. You are also able to add sticky notes to the drawings and organise them + it’s free.
  • Designer Observer Application: This app is the Iphone miniature version of the site www.designobserver.com, so if you love that you will love this. It’s a free app and allows you to see the trends in sustainable architecture, visual culture, innovative techniques and urbanism.


Do you live your life through your smart phone?


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