The Huf Haus

I have just posted a blog about the German based company Huf Haus who specialize in pre-fabricated homes.

I first came across Huf Haus one evening on Channel 4, as it was featured on a episode of Grand Design’s. I was inspired by how quick the structure could be built using prefabricated construction and also how these Huf Haus are in total contrast to the typical Uk home.

But there is alot more to Huf Haus than prefabrication, as they also have and use the latest technology and ‘green revolution’ methods.

The unique style of the Huh Haus is open plan living, timber frames and vast glass and timber exteriors. They also have a signature post and beam design which means that within the structure there is no load bearing walls. This allows the building to be easily changed and adapted in people’s life if needed.

Even though Huf Haus separate their design styles into categories for example Art 3, Art 4, Art 5 and so on, they specialise in making bespoke homes. This means that all of the homes are designed to meet the needs and requirements of the client, landscape and climate. I personally using this method will appeal to some the market, as people will want a unique home, something that nobody else will have. But the other part of me is saying this is one of the reasons the price of the Huf Haus is quite high.

Whilst I personally believe Huf Haus is better known for their individual house design, they do also design town houses and apartment building. I do feel there are limited examples of these within the Uk as we are still adapting to the prefab style in the 21st century.

So overall you can buy a flat roofed house, a bungalow, 2 storey, 3 storey, office building, business park and even a care home from the Huf Haus. This is also developed and designed to meet your own specific requirements and needs, but will all houses will be fitted with the latest eco technology.

It’s quite hard to find information on Huf Haus as they do meet every design to people’s needs. I do personally really like the clear, minimal, unique style of the houses. One thing I do notice about the interiors is that every room seems very spacious and large, I wonder how big the storage cupboard would be under the stairs. I do also feel it’s could be a very relaxed way of building your house, you don’t really have to organise and co-ordinate the trades and materials as Huf Haus manage the build for you. This could be on one side a plus if you’re an elderly couple who just want a new home with no hassle and stress, but on the other if you’re a bit like me could you sit back and let someone be in control of your home and not really see it until its built? On the other hand I do find them quite expensive and feel once you have added onto the bill the fittings, flooring, furniture, fixings, services and the price of the land you will be over a million pound. If I had a million pound I would personally like to build and design every aspect of the house myself, but you will never know this may be in a kit home style.

I would some day like to go and visit Germany and go and see the Huf haus factory, as I feel this would give me a better understanding of how they are built and designed.

To visit the Huf Haus website, please click here.


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