The House in Never Never Land

This is just another quick blog post about something I have recently seen in a Grand designs magazine. I think of a night in a Ibiza as very wild and the word ‘Ibiza’ reminds me of the film Kevin and Perry Go large. So when I saw this house in the Grand Designs magazine it didn’t surprise me the house was a bit out of the ordinary.

The house is inspired my fairytales, fairies, pirates, boys who never grow up and Never Never Land. So this house designed by the rising architect Andres Jaque on the island that never sleeps is his most recent project called House in Never Never Land.

The house it very unique and is built on a series of slanted stilts, one of Andres main objectives was to preserve the surrounding unique habitat and to work with the 1.300 sqm slope. This allowed him to play around with the design, creating the stilts and also mapping every tree on the site, he adapted the design around the trees and also incorporated them within the interior of the building.

The other objective that Andres was set was to create a unique holiday home. This influenced the large open plan living spaces to open bathrooms and outdoor showers. But the owners also wanted the building to pay its way, so Andres divided the building into 3. This meant there was a main area holding two bedrooms and three bathrooms and then 2 separate areas which could be individually let. All of the 3 different areas all had their own separate access which meant they where ideal for short term lets.

Views form the building where also on the priority list and after preserving the habitat and nature of the site, building on the slope and creating a holiday home that kept itself, views where next on the list. Due to the house being built on stilts due to the slope of the land, 80% of the house is perched on top of tall steel columns. This was an advantage to the house as it meant from nearly every angle you got an interrupted view. But Andres also worked with the north-easterly vista which was perfect for soaking up the summer sun and also used the swimming pool as a devise for making a connection with the horizon.

The house is very random and quirky to say to least, but not only this but it’s very brightly coloured. Many people criticised this saying Andres started he was going to work with the environment but many said these fluorescent colours went against this. But in response to this Andres stated they did work with the environment and just enhanced the colours, taking the green from the landscape and blue from the sky and by doing this it was in keeping with Ibiza party vibe and holiday lifestyle.

I really do like this design, even though it’s quirkier than what I usually like. To me it does fit in with the Ibiza lifestyle (not that I have been) as it looks fun and quite like a child’s play area. But to me the colours also made this design stand out, being bright and striking alot like Ibiza is.

As Andres is an up and coming architect I am quite looking forward to see his work more often. I hope he keeps with his quirky, unique, bright style even though I don’t think you’ll be seeing it in the Lancashire countryside anytime soon (but maybe Blackpool).


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