In the spotlight with i29 and Eckhardt en Leeuwenstein

I was scrolling around The cool hunting website the other day and found this post from November 2008 which I really liked. It’s a design by interior design practice i29 and architecture practice Eckhardt en Leeuwenstein. The investment group All Capital wanted the two creative practices to join forces and come up with a design for power space where they hold their high powered meetings. The meeting and lounge spaces had to be designed prestigiously and opulent without being stuffy and pretentious.

Using the theme ‘under the spotlight’ the two companys came up with the design to develop a concept mimicking this. The spaces then featured large black lamp shapes, which had been painted gold inside and then lighting mimics where set up around the space. These mimics where made to appear like spotlights and cast shadows coming from the lights, but these fake ovals on the floor and furniture where created my simply altering the colours and textures of the finishes.

I really like this space and idea, at first glimpse I thought the ovals on the furniture and floors where actually cast from the lights. I think this example just shows what tricks you can play on the mind with the power of design.

Read the article by clicking here

Visit i29 by clicking here

Visit Eckhardt en Leeuwenstein by clicking here
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