Animator Tim Searle

 Tim started off studying photography and he was all for ‘capture the moment,’ but after displaying his work and taking his photographs he didn’t like the part where he had to stand there and explain the image for about half an hour. He got speaking to some fellow animation students and decided this was more for him and therefore led himself into a degree and career within animation. He believes that animation is broad and the art form of today and with this in mind he feels this is an easy method of reaching people. He does however feel working with animation means you have to balance and juggle lots of things together.


The work that Tim is most proud of is the TV series of I am not an animal, which shows the lives of a group of animals that have been sprung from a laboratory and left in the middle of nowhere. They come across this farm and as they can talk they share their knowledge with the owner, who then gets sectioned for believing in talking animals. This leaves them living a new life on the farm, but they have alot to learn. To make the series of I am not an animal it took them 15 months and 6 ½ hours.  

Tim has worked on was 2DTV which was a British satirical animated TV show which was directed by Tim himself. It was broadcasted on ITV between 2001 and 2004 and with their prime viewing time reaching 7 million you wonder why it eventually got axed by ITV as it stated it was not generating enough viewers.


Tim believes scenes are all about the detailing and all the work he has completed or took part in so far have all had a big and bold statement. He does however feel like you can be too big and bold and this sometimes does generate errors and maybe he should therefore follow the motto ‘less is more.’

Last year Tim took part in making a viral for The Viral Factory, in which he advertised the new Samsung Netbooks. Due to the market being the younger generation these netbooks had rubber covers to prevent damage etc. So with this in mind Tim used the rubber covers to generate a plasticine effect and created a comic viral with figures and animation being morphed from the covers. The idea for this came from the rubber material and the use of plasticine, using a set of key colours to create the animation and then adding the background later on. In total this short viral took alot of hard work over 3 weeks to complete.


Tim presentation was very much in the style of his career with him showing many animated clips of work he had completed or work that inspired him within his career. He showed us clips from I am not an animal, Have I got news for you, Animal Farm and a funny comic clip called The Chinese Song.



Tim is currently working for Baby Cow Productions as the Head of Animation and runs the Baby Cow Animations side of the company alongside comedy greats like Henry Normal and Steve Coogan. They are currently working with Disney on a new production and with several projects within the BBC and ITV.

Just for fun the Chinese Song:




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