BA Degree Show and Free Range Exhibitions 2010

UCLAN Degree Show

 After completing my BA (Hons) degree in June 2010 at UCLAN, I participated in two exhibitions.

The first exhibition was held at the university as part of the university degree show and all of the design disciplines within the Victoria Building participated. The interior design exhibition was held in the studio and allowed all of us to create banners, models, and portfolios to showcase our work.

I exhibited all of my work from my final year at the university. The main feature of the exhibition was my Panoramic Hotel design for which I showcased 2 banners and 2 scale models. I also created a portfolio box in which I displayed design sheets of my work from the futures project, professional practice and the hotel design project.

The banner itself was a challenge, working to a set basic template we had to make sure not only it was eye catching but provided enough key images and text to entice the viewer into looking through the portfolio.

Hotel Models

 I also created two models for the exhibition both of the hotel. To create them both I used thin card and mount board and then used foam board as a base. To get the detail, precise lines and shapes I used a lazar cutter to cut the sections out and detail them. I then fitted the model together using all the pre-cut sections. I decided to do two models as I wanted to get the idea across of how the hotel rooms worked within the arches but on the other hand also wanted to show the design off as a whole. I therefore created a large model of a section through the viaduct and created a smaller scale one of how the design works within and across the viaduct.

Free Range

After exhibiting at UCLAN we then participated in the Free Range exhibition at Brick Lane, London. With limited space at the exhibition with many different universities participating from around the country we had to reduce the 2 banners into 1. This became a challenge as there was alot of key images, text and detailed drawings on the banners that now needed cutting down.

The experience of exhibiting has been very valuable to me, as it has taught me alot of presentational skills. My next exhibition will hopefully be the MA Degree show which will take place in January 2011, so watch this space.


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