‘Cub Housing’ an Inspiring design

Beginning my research for modular homes, I started searching for modular housing solutions within the UK. This style of housing is not very popular within the UK, with many people discarding the idea for more traditional styles. But within my research I came across an article from the Independent newspaper regarding these issues within the UK.

The article started that ‘pod-like homes is hoping to inspire anyone concerned with sustainability and affordability and is now being touted as the newest solution to Britain’s housing shortage.’ I find this comment interesting as I also believe this could be a solution to the issue.

The main focus of the article is around a newly developed concept from Cub Housing solutions who recently launched their ‘Cub Homes’ at the Ideal Home show. This home is developed and fully fitted out within 12 – 16 weeks of placing the order and is ready to move into straight away. The ‘Cub Home’ comes in three different sizes with a 1 bed being 52m², 3 bed being 102m² and a 5 bed being 153m². But this is just the first stage of the process and these homes also boast the option of adding other floors and rooms to the home as and when the occupier needs them. This allows people to adapt their home to their needs and also can reduce the initial cost. Adding another floor to the property would create alot more space within and can even be completed within 24hours, which would be very simple procedure.

The modular homes are constructed within a factory which has many benefits to the financial aspect, development process and construction. Within the factory they are also able to keeps costs and waste to a minimum and also able to work in all weather situations. As soon as the property has been developed the onsite construction time is also kept to a minimum.

‘Cub Homes’ have also been designed to be very eco-efficient meeting code level 5 regulations. The properties include rain water harvesting, water and energy saving appliances, high performance glazing, solar panels, high performance insulation and with the use of recycled materials where available. I think it’s very important that new homes are developed and designed to meet maximum eco-efficiency levels. This not only helps the environment but also reduces utility costs for the occupier.

These properties are also affordable not only with the reduction of utility costs but they are also available at fixed prices. This allow the purchaser to know the full cost of the property before work even commences, which is something self-builders usually struggle to control. With the property being developed off site this also reduces the costs and therefore creates this as an affordable solution.

The interiors are as important as the exterior with these properties, with high ceiling, large glazed frontages they make even the smallest home seem spacious and light. Many schemes, styles and interior options are also available for each type of budget.

The designer of these ‘Cub Homes’ is Charlie Greig who has a background in fashion design. Interested in property Charlie soon changed career paths and started designing and building homes for celebrity cliental. But less than a year ago she sold her own home to fund starting her own business after becoming a fan of modular homes and their reduced carbon footprint. After launching the ‘Cub Home’ at the Ideal Home show this March, Charlie is now hoping the design will take off and appeal to the mass market and one day sit comfortably next to the Edwardian and Victorian terraced houses.

I am very interested in the ‘Cub House’ I think its design principals work very well to tackle issues in the current housing market. The whole process of the build makes the design very eco-efficient and cost effective which I believe are two main principals within 21st centaury living. I particular like the way that extra floors and spaces can be easily ‘plugged in’ to the existing structure to allow the home to constantly adapt to the family’s needs. Another aspect of the design that I particular like is how the interior design has been considered through the whole process, as I am very wary of how some architecture designs don’t even consider the interior.

I would overall like to congratulate Charlie Greig and the team on the ‘Cub House’ design and wish the company all the best in launching this new concept to the UK markets.

For more information please visit:

The Independent – Newspaper Article 17th March 2011

Cub Housing Solutions


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