Egg House…

So through this economic ‘credit crunching’ crisis many people are struggling to find  home they can afford whether this is through rental or mortgage payments. I am looking at starting my affordable housing in the next few weeks after I have finished my current MA project, but I couldn’t help myself blogging about this after reading about it in an Icon magazine.

Dai Haifei is 24 years old and is a recent university architecture graduate, he is employed by a Construction Design company in Beijing, China but found he couldn’t find a suitable rental property within his budget. So taking matters into his own hands Dai designed and constructed the egg-shaped home from scratch.

The egg is 6ft high and is handcrafted from bamboo, wood chippings, grass seeds and sack bags covering the external skin. Dai is hoping in the spring his selected materials with flourish and bloom to create a unique skin. Inside there is only one bed, a water storage tank and a lamp which is powered from a solar panel. The egg has two wheels enabling Dai to move it around to meet his needs.

Dair gained his inspiration after attending the 2010 Shanghai Beijing Exhibition where he was attracted by a novel architectural project called “City’s egg” earlier this year.
“I was impressed by the green-notion of building a house like that, especially in cities like Beijing where rental price for a fresh graduate is a huge burden,” Dai said.

I do like this idea and feel it would be a great help for graduates / young professionals starting up in big cities like London, New York and Beijing where property prices are at their highest. But what would are streets look like if we had a lot of egg-shaped accommodation dotted around?


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