Disused, Creative spaces…

I stated my MA by looking at unusual, disused spaces that where unusual and how these held the potential to become unique, creative homes. My search began by me looking at the Green Belt and Brown Field regulations and how these effect how and where we want to build our dream homes. Many barns up and down the country have already been converted and soon I believe there will be very few of these left redundant.

The first place I investigated was a disused underground water storage tank or reservoir which is set within the Lancashire countryside. I feel this site has a lot of potential to become an underground conversion to a residential dwelling and feel its rural location would also maximize this, as the views over Wyre and over the Blackpool and Fylde coast are breathtaking. The site is surrounded by green belt restrictions but I believe this site could be transformed with minimal change to the existing look of the site and surrounding landscape. I believe this because I feel the underground concrete shell of the reservoir could be retained as the structure of the building, and to keep the integrity of the land by replacing the grass roof, you would be able to make it look like nothing had really changed.

 So a more unusual space and a space that may test your imagination and smell senses are slurry tanks. These are commonly found on most farms and farms are commonly found in the countryside, so I believe these could make unique, clever homes. You make have to create bespoke furniture and use alot of disinfectant to create the space into a home and this may not be to everyone’s taste. These are quite large structures both in height and diameter and therefore they create  a large space for you to play around with. So would this be for you???

I do believe there are many unusual spaces out there that hold the potential to be converted into luxury homes and these do inspire me in my work. I do think however to allow people to develop these spaces planning law does need to be more flexible and relax with things out of the ordinary.


                     Water Towers              Spaces between buildings                            War Bunkers


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