An Interesting Design… QlockTWO

I have recently seen this innovative clock design by Biegert & Funk called QlockTWO. This is no ordinary clock with no numbers, no big or even little hand, just words… weird I know, but this design does make a good design statement. I believe this design could become an interesting feature in any home or even office and will make people stop, think and admire the design, exactly what I did.

The clock is a perfect square shape and has a series of letters which will light up in pure white to form words that describe the time, for example ‘It is half past two’.

Another good feature of this design is that it can be purchased in many different languages and all you need to do to change the language is to attach the appropriate front panel.

So leading on to front panels… not only does this design come in black or white but has  a seven different colours of polished synthetic glass panels to choose from or even a stainless steel front panel. Which means you can match the front panel to any interior colour scheme or design easily.

Watch a QlockTWO be designed:

For more information on the QlockTWO or to see how you can purchase your own please visit: 

Or you can even download the Iphone App from the App Store to have your own QlockTWO on the move.



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