Underground Houses…

One of the other issues I started looking at in the first semester of my MA was planning applications and how these can be affected by the restrictions on Green Belt and Brown Field land. These studies led me to looking into underground houses and the question of if these aren’t restricting how the landscape looks should they have planning approved? It also led me to thinking about disused reservoirs, bunkers and water storage tanks and about the possibility of converting these into underground homes. Below is section from my semester 1 reflective diary about underground houses.

One of the issues that I find interesting is about how famous people are able to get privacy. Many people get followed by journalists, photographers and fans, either looking for their next story or looking for a claim to fame. These people live their lives in the public eye and their lives turn into reality TV. In many cases these people can’t even leave their homes without a swarm of people being gathered at the end of their driveways. Sometimes you even get reports of people braking into the grounds of their homes, or taking pictures through the windows.

When doing my research into underground homes I came across two which have hit Britain’s headlines in the last 2 years. These involve two premiership footballers who have put in planning applications to build underground homes. These have been designed to try and give the footballers maximum privacy, so they are able to do their day-to-day activities without being watched.

I do think this is a very good idea and also believe it should become more common. But on the other hand footballers or any famous person should not have to go to that extreme to get the privacy in their own home. Out of the two applications only the one in Cheshire was approved by the planning control. Among this both applications had a lot of backlash from neighbouring properties who said the design where to extreme for the areas. 

£2million Underground Mansion

‘Unveiled: The luxurious £2m underground mansion designed to keep away prying eyes’

Daily mail 06/11/2009

This is the cylinder shaped underground house, which is located underneath the ground of a Victorian apartment block in Cheshire. This planning application has been approved despite all the opposition of the neighbours, who stated that it will spoil the atmosphere of the conservation area. I don’t understand this as only a small entrance to the property will be visible as the property is completely submerged, so how can people object to something they can’t even see? Even the house of a footballer doesn’t need to be on a large-scale as the property only compromises of two floors and only 3 bedrooms. I like the property and find the concept of the underground mansion very interesting. I also like the circular design of the property which leads me to question why have they not designed this house in an exterior reservoir structure?


Gary Nevilles Underground House Proposal, Bolton

‘Living in Laa-Laa land? Man United star Gary Neville unveils plans for £8m ‘Teletubby’ eco-bunker built into a hillside’

Daily mail 27/01/2010

Gary Neville on the other hand did not have planning permission accepted for his underground mansion. This was for many different factors including the land being classed as green belt and a number of opposition letters from the public. This house was also mocked in the media saying it was the 21st century version of a teletubby house. The house again wasn’t traditional in shape, with its flower shaped blueprinted focused around a central kitchen.  I like the idea of this house and like the shape and how everything is central around a kitchen. I also like the glass roof panels and think this is a good method of getting light into an underground house.  I do think that declining the application is harsh of the local council as I believe underground houses have minimum visual effect to the landscape. I also argue the point of this home is built within the grounds of their existing home and therefore would be causing minimum effect to the neighbours. The house also planned to be one of the Uk’s greenest homes, using ground heat pumps to heat the house, solar panels and also a wind turbines to power the house.


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