Tutti Frutti…

During the first semester of my MA I looked into the ‘Tutti Frutti’ project in New Islington, Manchester. I started researching this on Google and found it very helpful for both my practice based and research based projects.

‘Tutti Frutti’ is a project in Manchester that is run by Urban Splash, English Partnerships and New East Manchester. It has been run in two phases to allow people to learn about the scheme.

‘Tutti Frutti’ is based in New Islington alongside the canal. It has a total of 20 plots of which 6 were used for the first phases and the remaining used for the second. The scheme allows people to do their own ‘Grand Designs.’ They plots are sold with planning permission and allow people to design and build their own home.

The first phase was competition based and the lucky winner had the price of their plot paid for. This phase has now been completed. The second phase was open and anyone was allowed to buy the plots and submit designs, but there were restrictions. The idea of ‘Tutti Frutti’ was inspired from the company West 8 based in Amsterdam and their project Boreno Sporenburg. It is based on the idea of creating the most exciting street in the UK and having all different housing designs and styles on one street, not like the typical Victorian terraced street.

Although it seems a straight forward idea of people selling land for people to build on there is so much more to the scheme. The plots come in three sizes small, medium and large with all plots sold with a parking space and mains connections. To buy a plot you have to register your interest and then you have to show what style of house you are planning on building. ‘Tutti Frutti’ is a very relaxed project and they want interesting, exciting designs so not everything will be accepted. Once you have the initial discussion you then have to submit the design to Urban Splash. The design will state the designs (plans/elevations/sections), energy efficiency of the building and also the materials you are planning to use. Once you have submitted these you would also be able to provide a fee to reserve your plot. The design is reviewed by Urban Splash and the other partnerships, who then decide if your design will suit the ‘Tutti Frutti’ scheme and be accepted. The more imaginative people are with their designs the more likely they would be accepted. After being accepted you are guided through the building and planning process and also attend a series of workshops to help your design come to life. The workshops are run in groups and this allows the new owners to meet their neighbours and create bonds and relationships. This allows the ‘Tutti Frutti’ owners to create a new community.

I like the idea of ‘Tutti Frutti,’ I like how it gives the people the opportunity to build their own grand design. Many people struggle with the process of finding land that has planning permission and this is an inventive way to solve the problem. It also gives the people the courage to build their own home as the scheme gives them the help and support they need. I also believe the uniqueness of the project is brilliant, but will not be to everyone’s taste. I am a person who believes people should be allowed express themselves in their home and terraced streets with every house the same does not reflect this. I do believe projects like this should become more readily available in the UK, it helps city development especially in upcoming areas.

Read more on Tutti Frutti’s Website 


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