An Interesting Water Villa

When flicking through the latest Grand Designs magazine I came across this interesting image and wanted to learn more, even though I couldn’t see a clear connection between this and my own project.

When thinking of a house-boat especially in the UK we think of canal barges, with small windows and compact spaces. But in Amsterdam they like to do things differently with sleek, modern, open-plan architecture taking to the river banks. The design I have stumbled across is from +31 architects and is a large white shell filled with luxury. This particular example has large open plan living spaces with large windows allowing you to see the ever-changing view of the Amstel river.

This building is also deceptive as the regulations stated that they where only allowed to build 3m above the water level. So the architects clever minds sunk the bedroom half a storey and left a middle void to connect it with the upper level.

I think this is  a great example of dutch architecture and am wondering why we don’t have many examples of this in the UK. Will the dutch start influencing us in the future? and with global warming and water levels rising, how many years until where all living on the water?



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