M&S end DIY hell with new ‘Fold Out’ furniture

News Article

When reading the News of the World this Sunday afternoon, I came across an article about M&S introducing new ‘fold out’ furniture. This idea would see the end to the tourture and fiddly aspect of ‘flat pack’ furniture which is the trademark for IKEA. This wardrobe can be assembled from only 6 components and 14 screws, unlike the IKEA alternative of 11 components and 115 fixtures. Not only are the amount of pieces reduced but the assembly time is also dramatically reduced with the ‘fold out’ alternative being assembled in only 4 minutes.

I do like this idea and do believe it may replace some items of ‘flat pack’ furniture, but feel it could become an issue with some more complicated items of furniture. Another disadvantage also could be the packaging size, as ‘flat pack’ can be constructed in small pieces which enable people to place the items easily into the boot of their cars.

So is the future?? Is this the end of ‘flat pack’ furniture?? We will have to wait and see, but M&S are already planning on introducing more ‘fold out’ furniture items.


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