For my final project for the BA (Hons) Interior Design, I designed and exhibited a design for a unique hotel, built within an existing viaduct. Below is a brief paragraph of my design an several visuals of selected areas of the hotel.

The Panoramic Hotel is a unique modern hotel concept that is built within an existing railway viaduct. The viaduct itself is set in the Lancashire countryside and the design aims to complement the existing structure whilst also making the most of the natural light and surrounding views. Within the design process I had to explore many construction and access methods whilst also using many different design styles. Materiality and fabrication proved to be a key element of making the connection between the modern and the existing. The inspiration for the architectural design came from a limited range of existing examples and also from the previous use of the viaduct.

The Panoramic Hotel is incorporated within a disused railway viaduct surrounded by beautiful countryside. The hotel accommodates twelve luxury hotel rooms, bar and lounge area, restaurant, information centre and reception area.

The Scenic Bar & Lounge area is situated on the top of the viaduct. It has large windows to both sides and glass roof lights to allow maximum potential of the views and natural light.

The Viewpoint Restaurant is also situated on the top of the viaduct. Again it has large windows and roof lights. The materials are kept to a minimum within the design with the majority being of natural tone with splashes of lime green to add colour.

There are 12 hotel rooms within the structure with 6 of these built within 3 of the disused arches. These all comprise of a luxury living area and a luxury bedroom and ensuite built on a mezzanine floor.


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